Collectives make you stronger, automatically

We named them Groups so everyone right away understand what they are, but we really think of them as being Collectives.

A Collective is a group of people that has at least one strong similarity (location or music style for example) and that uses the strength of the number to do so much more than anyone can do alone.

Because you already have something in common with others in the Collective, there is an immediate sense of unity and it is a lot easier to reach out and build a connection.

The more active a Collective is and the more its members support each, the stronger and more united the total Collective becomes. Everyone benefits automatically.

When you join one, the first thing to do is introduce yourself and let everyone know who you are and what are you interested in. This right away gives others an opportunity to reach out.

Add and share tracks and mixes you made or that you recommend and comment on the latest news or posts of others to create more opportunities to find commonality and connect.

Collectives are the ideal home base for growing an audience or making new friends. Just remember to respect others and leave space for them to post something as well 😉

Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

Ps. Should we rename Groups to Collectives on OTGS? What do you think? Please send me a message if you think we should.

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