What Arnold Schwarzenegger can teach you about making music

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Are you passionate about making music? I mean, really really passionate? Do you feel like you need to do this no matter what? Is your body showing withdrawal signs when you let your music alone for too long?


Than let Arnold Schwarzenegger shift your passionate mind for a sec. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man that you probably know from “Get to the choppa!” or “I’ll be back”.

If you check out his story, you will learn that he achieved what others thought to be impossible and not just once but over and over again. He went from his dad being a Nazi and a complete *&^*^ to becoming Mr. Universe (7 times!) and Governor of California.

How did he do it?

Simple, he really really wanted it and actually enjoyed every bit of struggle it took him to get there because he knew that overcoming that bit of struggle would mean getting closer to his goal.

So he would smile through every curl and workout session as it was simply a step in the right direction and one less to take.

When you start out with producing music, you first make crappy loops, than you make shitty tracks. Yes, everyone sucks at the beginning, even you 🙂 But slowly your become better and better.

And if you are able to look at each of those loops and tracks as just one less step to take on your path to awesome tracks that will enlighten the crowds at your dream club, festival or home show…

…you will be smiling all the way through every one of them, just like Arnold!

Now get back to work 😉

And when you have a little break again, listen to Arnold’s own words:

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