Want to know what is new?

I personally like to get a personalized experience everywhere I go 😉

To get you faster to the tracks, artists, labels and others on OTGS that are most relevant to you, we continue to build out our personalisation engine.

The update we just did to the platform gives you:

  1. pre-setting of filters when browsing
    The platform now automatically pre-sets some of the filters when you browse or follow certain links. We do this so you can quickly get an overview of, for example, the best rated tracks in your style or the artists that can help you with a specific need. You can of course always change the filters to search for something else.
  2. best rated tracks in your style in your My Scene feed
    In stead of seeing new tracks and mixes, we are now showing the best rated ones in your style. Saving you a search for the good stuff!
  3. a way to sort your tracks on your profile
    From now on, the tracks on your own profile are sorted based on the release/publish date that you select. Tracks or mixes without a date, will go to the last positions, so make sure to set a date. Later we will also add custom sorting at a later time, for you to set a specific track or mix to highlight for example.
  4. a further optimized Progress & Next Steps module
    We made several steps more specific and actionable. Be sure to check out this module, as it gives you easy to take steps to move things forward. Also something we continue to build upon. One of the next ones for this section is actionable marketing insights!

And than we exterminated a bunch of bugs that were annoying us and probably also you. Please let us know if you have any feedback, concerns, bugs etc.

You can always reach out to me, Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

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