Virtual Manager, simplified Groups, improved insights – OTGS 3 is live!

You might already have noticed; we did another update to the site. We have a big vision off what this site should become and are trying to build it as fast as possible so you get the full experience that we have in mind.

In our previous update we explained a major new feature on OTGS: Support & Recognition. Two things that are crucial in anything we do. Not just in music.

We also looked at how we could make the platform easier to navigate, how can you get quicker to the sections you want and how can we make it easier for people to start a conversation with someone they don’t know just yet.

With that in mind, these are the key changes we made:

Virtual Manager Module – Version 1

We ask you for setting your goals in music so we can personalize the platform and help you accomplish them. Based on those goals, you will now see your progress and next steps to take. It will give you guidance and remind you of progress made or to be made. We will expand significantly on this feature as we believe that everyone can use a special friend that is kind of like having your own manager, presenting opportunities, facilitating collaborations, giving guidance, getting you more gigs, visitors or users and always has your back.

Simplified Groups

Now there is a main feed for you to post your updates, tracks, events etc in every Group. As you probably know, we believe that local groups are a great way to build out your audience. Communicating there is no very easy to do and very easy for others to find.

Improved insights

To make connecting easier, we:

  • made it very clear in the “XXXX and YOU” sidebar if and with what you can help each other. That way you know right away what to open conversation about.
  • added a “Last viewed your profile” box so you can now see who looked at your profile, which is also a great way to know who could be interested in collaborating.
  • improved the “In Common” section so you get a quick snapshot of what you have in common with someone. Gear, connections, locations, they are all good conversation openers as well.

Improving Browse/Discover pages

We already started to show more specific and relevant users to you on the browse pages and more and more we will be highlighting relevant, active and supportive users so it becomes easier for you to connect with the right people.

Improved Search

We added extra sub pages to Search results as we noticed that some search terms show quite a few results and you might want to dive deeper into them. Just click the “view more…” link on the right if available.

Optimized Messaging layouts

We cleaned up the messaging box further so it is more clear and easier to communicate. Hope you like it!

Intro pages for non-Artists

We set up sub pages for Record Labels, Promoters, Gear Manufactureres and Service Providers, to showcase the benefits of joining OTGS more specifically. Check them out:

Record Labels
Event Promoters
Gear Brands
Pro Service Providers

Bug fixes

And finally we also fixed a bunch of bugs or things that were simply not to our liking. You might not have noticed them, but if you did….we hope you forgive us 🙂

While are rolling out the reward system further, we are building a rating module, so you can get private feedback on your tracks and mixes and if they rank well, have a chance of getting them highlighted on our site and socials.

For now, stay tuned, stay safe and stay busy!

This is your time to dig in and prepare for when we are all allowed to go out and party again. It will awesome!


P.s. we love getting feedback and depend on you to tell us what you are missing or what we should do better so we can help you more forward, faster! Thank you for joining and helping our efforts!

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