Track of the Week: Stimming X Lambert – Intro (HerManu Remix)

Tags: Afro House, House

Sometimes you get hit by a track that touches the right nerve at the right time. This is exactly what @hermanu managed to do.

His Afro House remix/bootleg of Intro by Stimming X Lambert creates a beautiful story, adding the right elements to take you on an eight minute journey.

It is his first “published track” as Manu says himself, but we can tell many more great tracks will follow.

When we asked him for the backstory of the track, this is what he told us: “There were 2 inspirations to this track. The first one was the Sama Boilerroom Set in Palestine on Youtube, that started with the original track. It just caught me immediately and I felt it so intensely, but then it turned out to be just 2 minutes long without any kick. At that time, I didn’t know how to produce shit, but I promised myself that If I ever learned to actually create music, I would remix that song. The second Inspiration was the African House from the crew ”RISE” in Berlin. It’s a style of music I started to fall in love with and one morning at 6 AM in Hamburg, I was walking away from their performance, my ears still ringing and suddenly had the idea to merge some African House elements with the original track. I actually still have the awkward voice message, where I try to describe what I had in my head.

Who is @hermanu?

“It feels like it’s very hard to describe myself authentically in some lines. I’ll try to give a short summary: I grew up in a village in Germany, spending most of my life playing video games and listening to all kinds of music I would discover. I changed from an obsession over video games to passion for travelling, movement and the human body, learning languages, obviously music, and dancing to it! I started DJ-ing because I wanted to share my music and the feelings I connect to it with people. I started producing to be able to express myself with the ideas in my head and actually make them real. I’m in the beginning of my journey, struggling, too, but excited for what is to come. “

How he can help you

“I can teach DJing, the basics of producing music with FL Studio, giving detailed feedback to projects, provide mixes for podcasts, listening to people’s struggles with showing their music to other / going public.”

How you can help him

“I am looking for a group of liked-minded people who want to give and take feedback, share knowledge and ideas and support each other in the journey as a DJ/Producer- Opportunities like soundcloud-podcasts to share my music with people or connecting to a record label that sees potential in what I do.” 


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