Track of the Week: Once upon a time by Ale De Maio

Tags: Co-producing, Melodic House & Techno

It has been a minute since we did the last Track of the Week, but we are back with a bang!

Ale De Maio (@ale-de-maio) , remember the name.

Not only did he create a very strong Melodic Techno track that will fit great in my own DJ sets, he matched it with stylish artwork and even created a complete package including a video with storyline.

Trrr Trrr. (Sorry I had to do that…it is the signature part of the track for me…just listen to it 😉 )

You can also buy his track on bandcamp of course:

So who is @ale-de-maio ?

“I am a south Italian electronic music producer based in Brighton (UK).

I started my career as DJ in my hometown (Salerno) playing in several clubs around my town. My passion for music and the continuous research of new sounds, helped me start my career as a producer.

My 1st productions (electronic and downtempo) motivated me to shape my style further and further, in fact each release helped me to reach the style I was unconsciously looking for: Melodic Techno.”

Maybe a bit of a strange question, but what have you learned from or during the pandemic?

“Even if this period caused problems to artists and to the whole music industry, I do believe the pandemic gave us the chance to stop for a moment and focus properly on what WE want to do with our lives.. who we want to be.

Through the pandemic I’m learning new ways to connect with people: loved ones, fans, artists.. and in fact in the last few months I have built some solid connections with other music producers which I believe will lead to future projects and collaborations. 

On the other side, I really hope this period will end soon, so that we will be able to express ourselves in front of our audience and enjoy with them unforgettable moments. “

Hear! Hear! From what I hear, many share the same experience, Ale!

What was your inspiration for this track? 

“Once upon a time took inspiration from Retrida, a track composed by Angelov, an artist I really appreciate. I was creating clips on Ableton through my APC40 launchpad and the Korg Monoologue, a synth I borrowed from a dear friend of mine.

Within the track, I wanted to create a mood similar to Angelov’s track, however as usually happens to my music projects, I started with a reference then later led me to a different outcome.

When I decided I was happy with the track, I passed it to a couple of friends from Gnut Studios who got very excited about the sound of it. They wanted to create a music video, and I loved that idea very much. A month and a half later ‘Once upon a time Official video’ was released on YouTube!”

Who is the other person in the cover art? 

“The video was going to happen.. this was a fact. So we needed an actor who could fit with my visual idea of the track.

The person on the cover is Milica Guceva, an actress based in Brighton.. ‘Once upon a time’ main character!

I started to look for the right candidate through Instagram hashtags by targeting my possibilities within the Brighton area. To be honest, it didn’t take so long before I found her. I remember that I spent half a day on her Instagram page watching her clips that made my decision very easy. She was so excited about this chance, and I believe my choose couldn’t have been any better!”

The song sounds like it would go amazing with a vocal as well btw. Maybe something to do with someone from OTGS? 

“‘Once upon a time’ was born as an instrumental project. However there are no limits to our fantasy, so I would honestly feel honored to know that another artist would like to create the lyrics for my track or to produce their own remix.”

As we so strongly believe in supporting each other, we always like to know; how can others help you, how can you help them? 

“I consider myself a young producer with plenty of room to improve further and learn new skills and technics. I believe we always learn something from other people and cultures, this makes no exception when we talk about music. 

Talking more in detail, I would love to start some constructive collaborations with other artists. Who knows, maybe one of them could lead to a DUO in the future.. that would be incredibly cool.”

Thanks Ale! More great tracks coming from you in the near future, for sure!

Check out @ale-de-maio

Oh and btw…he also joined the 1st ever Producer Challenge on OTGS. Check that out as well!

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