Track of the Week: Boogie by Jeef

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Musicality jumped straight at me when I pressed play on “Boogie”. Try for yourself:

Somewhat eerie guitars leading to a funky beat with a very warm bassline. What else can you ask for right? Oh maybe some more guitars? A diverse arrangement? Some pad sounds to complete the soundscape? Sure, there you go.

What an great track by Jeef! Honored to have it as the track of the week at OTGS!

So who is @jeef?

I have been a musician for most of my life but started making beats less than 2 years ago. I’m originally from France, via London and Hamburg, to Berlin. I’ve been playing music since childhood, in many different settings, with 1000s of different influences from all cultures. It’s accompanied me through a rather chaotic life. I’m seeking to become a full-blown artist, create my own touch & identity, and combine it with other creative folks (musicians / singers / rappers / film-video-makers / fashion / …) and explore.

My inspiration for the track came while I was listening to bLAck pARty’s “Dancing” and the idea came while jamming over it on the guitar. I’d also been listening a lot to Jenevieve as well as the great Jean Dawson and it influenced the mood of the track I think.

How you can help Jeef

I could really do with some help mixing/mastering my tracks; also with how to share/promote my music as I’m pretty clueless and get more serious about it.

How Jeef can help you

Mostly I can help with songwriting/arranging, also playing/writing some guitar/keyboard parts for your tracks – and of course I’d love to do collabs

Plans for 2020?

For 2020, I want to officially come out as an artist, self-release an EP and get involved in projects with other artists, musicians and others!

@jeef aka Geoffrey

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