Track of the Week: Arctica by Luke Atom

Tags: Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Remember how we spoke about the need for real support for Artists?

Well, now we also started the Track of the Week award to give an extra push to a track that gives us goosebumps.

To support it we:

1. Award it with a shiny badge of honor to make it stand out from the crowd
2. Post a Track/Artist profile in our Resources section
3. Highlight the track for a week in the My Scene feed for all users
4. Posts it on all our socials (FB, Insta, Twitter)

While going through new tracks on OTGS, something in Arctica triggered a sense of now. A sense of hope, of getting ready to party soon again. A sense of damn, so many people making awesome tracks! 🙂

When we asked its creator @luke-atom to give the backstory of the track, this is what he wrote: “Arctica” came into existence after a very dark period of my life. I tried to capture this cold emotion i was feeling at that time and adorned it with a glimmer of hope. Because no matter how bad it is, there will always be a moment when everything will be over and you can look into life again and smile.

Amazing right, how music can give everyone the same feeling? It had to be our Track of the Week!

Luke Atom

“Hello guys and girls. My name is Luca aka Luke Atom. I am a Berlin based DJ and producer, born in a small town in the middle of the Italian Alps. My passion for electronic music, especially techno, started back in 2012 when I bought my first drum machine and started producing my own tracks and playing in clubs and raves. Since then i slowly switched to the digital world and started learning Ableton live which i now use for mostly everything. The tracks i produce are melodic, characterized by deep atmospheres and hypnotic sounds, the same music i love to play as a DJ.”

How I can help you

I am happy to offer my help around the topic of music production and Ableton Live to everyone in need as i am now quite familiar with it.

How you can help me

I personally could need some help when it comes to promotion, djing and finding gigs. So don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s get in touch because together we can achieve great things. 

My goals for 2020

Finally for this year i wish this pandemic to come to an end so we can all perform, dance and have fun together again, safe in sound!


OTGS Note: send us recommendations for the Track of the Week award. We all have our own tastes, so we love to hear what you think. Just make sure you recommend someone else’s track 😉

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