Support others. Get recognition. New Feature Alert!

Support & Recognition. Who wants some?

Some are getting too much and others are definitely getting too little. To balance the playing field we are working on bringing the focus on real achievement and real support. Enough already with the bought re-posts 🙂

We believe that real support comes from helping someone else with something concrete. You might have noticed that we don’t have Likes on our platform. While a Like is easy to give, it is also quite meaningless as you are not committing to anything when you are “liking” something.

What Artists, Event Promoters, Service Providers and others really need is that you share their work and get their track, event or product in front of new audiences. What they need is feedback on their art. What they need is help with whatever they are not yet great at.

And with real support should come proper recognition.

Don’t you agree that you deserve to get recognition for being a great supporter of an artist or track, for supporting talent as an event promoter or for being a connector in the local scene?

This is why we created our new OTGS feature: Badges of Recognition.

When you help others in concrete ways and connect in a meaningful way, these Badges of Recognition not only fortify the connection you have with someone, it also gets broadcast to the rest of the Scene. You are helpful and karma will come to you 🙂

With the overload of music being released and artists looking for an audience, we strongly believe that this will be a great way to stand out and start building the relationships that you need to move forward.

We have released a first version of this feature now and you can expect a lot more recognition opportunities to roll out in the coming weeks.

Oh, and we did a lot of other changes, but more on that in a later post.

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