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Crimson Lake Production

Overall I really like this. Great sound design. The detuned plucks are kind of unsettling, but not to the point where it’s detrimental to the track. The intro seemed a little disjointed and meandering to me – I think it’d be more effective if you wove in a motif from later in the song to sort of establish where the song is going rather than sort of building up with elements that don’t seem connected (until the plucks at the very end of the intro). The percussion sounds in the beat-heavy sections are really cool, love the syncopation. At 2:50, I personally think the filtered kick has a little bit too mid-range “knock.” it’s a little more obtrusive than I’d like. I also think the chords at 3:20 are a bit too loud, and have a bit too much high end and not enough mid. Overall though, the mix is great and I like the song.