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We make it easy for you to showcase your label, releases and artists, receive higher quality demos and find the recognition that you deserve.

Why we are different:

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Reach a new and bigger audience

Grow your release sales and streams by showcasing your label, catalog of releases and artist roster. Connect with your artists and grow your audience.


Receive high quality demos

We filter demo submissions and guide producers before submitting to your label. You receive higher quality submissions and see the artists bio right away.

Support others. Get support.
Find recognition.

Active support is what is needed to move forward. Recognize those that support you and get the recognition that you deserve

Join groups & share releases

Our music style, local or user created groups are a perfect way to get support for your latest releases and build your audience.

Give & receive (private) feedback

Get detailed feedback before releasing a new track or learn what users think of your latest release. In private mode if you prefer.

Connect with the Electronic Music Scene

Need help with your label? Find Social Media talent, Marketeers and others.

All in one platform

We bring together DJs, Producers, Record Labels, Event Promoters, Gear Brands and Pro Service Providers in one place.

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It is our mission to help you succeed

Whether you want to grow your audience, receive higher quality and more track demos or simply need help building out your record label, we are here to help you achieve it. Shall we get started?