Producer Challenge #1 is LIVE!

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I just activated the first Challenge on OTGS.

Kicking it off with a Producer Challenge, but I am planning to add DJ Challenges, Challenges around promoting yourself, Art related challenge etc etc etc.

All to learn, make progress, connect with others and have some fun!

For this Challenge we also have two awesome people offering some opportunities for those finishing the Challenge:

Libertas Records, @libertas, run by @libere is going to check out all the final versions and if there is a good match with the label, he will offer a release to the artist involved. And

Fat As Funk Mastering & Mixing, @fatasfunk, run by Lawrence, is offering a free mastering session for one of the final tracks!

Thank you both for supporting the community!

That said, Challenge #1 is now locked as I want to keep this first one to a small group, but you can participate in the coming challenges. Just message, follow or connect with me @jeadygo and keep an eye on the news feed for the next one.

Once the final versions of this Challenge are in, I will create another post to share them and introduce the artists behind the tracks.

Remember: Support others. Get support!


Jeady GO!

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