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Finding opportunities in music is difficult. There are so many artists and tracks out there. How do you stand out? Where do you even start?

Speaking to many DJs, Producers we found that in general there are 5 levels an artist goes through on their way to reaching her/his musical goals:

Level 1 – Learn to produce or DJ
You start here when learning how to make music. Many artists struggle with actually finishing full tracks or mixes.

Level 2 – Post music online
You are able to finish proper tracks or mixes but do not actually know what to do with them. You post them on a distribution platform like Soundcloud or on social media. Without a plan and just praying to be discovered.

Level 3 – Play social media game
Soon you realize that support from others is needed to get more than just a few plays and you start playing the social media game of cat and mouse. But how do you actually get others to support you? Follow them, like their post? You will not get more than a follow or thank you, if even.

Level 4 – Find those that can help
You figure out that you get others to support you by really connecting with or even supporting them in some way or form. Now you need to know who to reach out to and what to talk about.

Level 5 – Communicate with & support others
Once you figure out that last one, you just need to take action to make things move and build your support “team” around you.

Sound familiar? What level are you on?

We found that most DJs and producers are on level 2. They put a lot of effort in finishing and uploading full tracks but see little result and often give up, feeling sorry for themselves or thinking that their music is not good enough.

How many times have you not heard a track or artists that should be more known. Or maybe you even feel like that about yourself? Is it not a musical crime that some really amazing tracks and artists stay hidden?

Well we felt like that for years and decided to do something about it. We wanted to build a tool that could help artists achieve their goals, ranging from just having fun with collaboration to reaching commercial success. A tool that helps them reach their full potential so they never have to look back at their lives thinking, if only they had known or tried a bit harder.

So we build On The Ground Sound (OTGS).

Everything we do at OTGS is designed to help you go from Level 2 to Level 5 and step by step you are seeing the full scope of our plan realized on our platform.

Our core beliefs are:

  1. Opportunities (releases, gigs, collaborations etc.) come from networking. Networking is the #1 way to move your career forward!
  2. Networking starts with your reputation, who are you, what you have done. We focus on real achievements, to filter out the imposters.
  3. You need to find the right people to support you. We proactively match you to those in the music scene that can help you based on your musical goals and skills.
  4. You need to be able to freely communicate with them. On OTGS you can contact other users through DMs, groups and forums.
  5. You need to know how to network; know what to talk about and how to approach someone. We show you what you have in common and give guidance on how to network.
  6. Real support is needed to move forward, so there are no likes and no follower numbers on OTGS. We only care about actions that really help an artist or a track move forward.
  7. When you support someone you should get recognition for doing so. We want to show what people have meant and will mean to each other. We create a real relationship between users by offering a reward system that provides status and visibility at its core.

Now that you have automatically advanced to Level 5 by just reading the above, let’s take the action to get you where you want to be.
Start by setting your goals and skills. Our Virtual Manager module will show you the next steps to take and your progress while doing so.

We are very honored to have you put your trust in us and allow us to support and guide you on your musical journey!

Reach out to us if you have any questions, need help or if you just want to have a chat.

Olaf aka @jeadygo
Founder OTGS

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