OTGS V2.0 Launched!

Our group of Early Adopters provided us with great feedback and suggestion for improvement. We have been working hard on version 2 of OTGS and today we are excited to show it to everyone!

The major changes are:

1. Personalized Opportunities on your new landing page.
Connecting with like-minded people, playing more gigs, releasing more tracks, finding new artists; now you will be presented with the latest opportunities customized for you based on your profile settings.

2. Learning section.
We are adding content on all sorts of topics related to the music industry. Want to know how to master a track, or maybe you want to learn how to promote yourself? We will be adding content ourselves but would love to hear your thoughts as well. Reach out if you would like to contribute.

3. Participate section.
We will start challenges in which you can participate. They are great way to move things forward as well as finding a new audience and network.

4. New member types. Record Labels, Event Promoters, PRO Service Providers and Gear Brands can not also create an account to network and collaborate with everyone else.

OTGS now is kind of like having your own manager that presents opportunities, facilitates collaborations, gives guidance, gets you more gigs and always has your back.

We would love to hear what you think and how we could make an even better service for you! Feel free to reach out.

Olaf (olaf@otgs.io) & Casper (casper@otgs.io)
Founders OTGS

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