OTGS V2.1 live!

Right before the weekend we pushed live a big update to the site. There are a few small things we have noticed that need some fix in styling, but the functionality itself works as expected and we would love to hear your thought on it.

The major changes in this release are:

1. New and improved Opportunities algorithm.
One of the first things you will notice is that we now ask you for the goals you might have with your music. Based on your selection, we customize your experience on the site. We also improved the accuracy of the recommendation algorithm and made the cards interactive. You can now dismiss or delay a recommended user just by clicking on the card or swiping on mobile. We also limited the recommendations per type to 12 a day so you can focus on the most interesting ones.

2. Central forum
We had some feedback about needing a central place to post requests for collaboration, getting feedback on tracks, and connecting with the community in general. So we build in a central forum as well.

3. “In Common” and “What to collaborate on” sections
We drastically improved the right sidebar sections that show you your relationship to an artist, record label etc and what you could work on together. We will be expanding this further now also, expect a lot more detail and helpful tools there.

4. Event Promoters & Gear Brand and Products
We added about 2000 Event Promoters from all over the world for you to send a demo to. We also started adding Gear Brands and their products for which some new functionality is coming. So far we have 2000 of the most popular gear already on the site. Check them out!

5. Improving the activity feed
We have started to compact and improve the usefulness of the activity feed. It already looks a bit cleaner and easier to read, very shortly we will also increase the relevancy of the posted messages and add in other types of content, like our Learn & Participate content.

OTGS now is really starting to take the shape that we envisioned. Thanks to your help, we have been able to step by step build out the functionality according to your needs. As always, if you have any feedback, please share, we depend on you to tell us how we can serve you better!

Olaf (olaf@otgs.io) & Casper (casper@otgs.io)
Founders OTGS

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