OTGS V2.2 Live! Big update!

As you might have noticed, during the last few days we have rolled out a big update to the platform. Key changes you will see are:

My Scene
We brought things together in a My Scene section to make it to faster to reach your feed, opportunities and contacts.

My Contacts
Now you can quickly see your contacts, who favored you, who is following you, pending request etc.

Add gear
Mark a piece of Gear as owned to showcase it on your profile and to see what gear you have in common with others (ie. users that work in the same DAW makes it way easier to collaborate)

New badges for users that support others and/or OTGS
More on this soon.

New tracks/events you post now go automatically in the activity feed.

Smaller items done
Fix for activity feed, optimized mobile design, new share us with your friends box (please do! we need all the support we can get to reach more people), fixed email notifications setting, going to events selection and more…

Love to hear what you think of the updates!

Whats next?
1. Our team is expanding – two more volunteers joined, that we will introduce soon.

2. Outreach to promoters to get spots for our users to perform, this will probably be organized in a competition form.

3. Adding more Gear (so far we have 2000 pieces of Gear set up already, adding probably about 2K more within the next week or so)

4. Optimizing the activity feed to make it as relevant as we can for you.

And much more in the pipeline after that. Stay tuned!

NOTE: This coming weekend we have to do some maintenance on the site. You will see a maintenance screen while we work on things. Hopefully we can finish it within about 1-2 hours.

As always, please let us know your feedback, suggestions and requests. We need your input to improve and build an awesome tool for the scene!

Reach out any time!


Olaf (aka JeadyGO!) & Casper

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