NEW: Comment on tracks, mixes, events and gear!

We just added the functionality to comment directly on music (tracks, mixes etc), events and gear. Ask questions, discuss, provide feedback, you decide.

Providing feedback is a perfect way to learn and so….


Multi factor rating and feedback tool for tracks and mixes.

–>> For tracks you will be able to rate or receive feedback on the arrangement, mix quality and originality.

–>> For mixes and live performances the factors will be mixing skills, track selection and mix structure.

The feedback is meant as a suggestion and a way to learn, not to rate things against each other. For this reason we came up with a very music related way of rating. Hope you will like it….stay tuned!


Ps. we also just fixed some issues you might have noticed (some empty notifications for example), we improved layouts and overall performance and than some more things.

Ps. #2 If you would like to support the community’s growth with writing content, running a group or in another way, please just reach out to Jeady GO!

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