Music Scenes, Track and DJ Mix Charts and Virtual Manager – major OTGS update!

If you are already a member, you probably noticed that in the last few days we drastically changed the layout of our platform. With the help of your feedback we realized that features needed to come together, they needed quicker access and some of them needed to be brought to the front. So here is what we did:

  1. OTGS Central is now your central place to see all updates from around OTGS that matter to you. So anything that is posted by your connections and people you follow/favored as well as posts in Music Scenes you have joined, will show in this central News Feed.
  2. We renamed Groups to Music Scenes as we find that it fits better with the intent of those sections.
  3. You have now quick access to the Music Scenes, both on desktop and mobile version.
  4. We replaced the old forum/topic sections with the new Channels. They are there for discussing specific topics within a Music Scene.
  5. The Discover section now has Charts for Tracks as well as DJ Mixes so you can see what is the best rated music on OTGS at any time.
  6. We also made it easier to find people that can help you, with just two clicks.
  7. We expanded our Virtual Manager section. We included more helpful guidance and made it more clear to see what should be your next steps.

The next step we are considering for OTGS is adding the option to add your own Spotify/Soundcloud Playlists to the site and applying for other users’ playlsits.

What do you think about the updates and the idea for Playlists? Love to hear your thoughts.


Jeady GO aka Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

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