Mix of the Week: Yondi – Live at Rooftop Session Amsterdam

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Now that we are up and running again after our short period of complete silence (highly recommend it for clearing the mind once in a while), we are also getting back to Artists and Tracks/Mixes of the week.

When listening to the new tracks and mixes on OTGS, one DJ mix caught my imagination right from the beginning. (please remember to actually add your music to get it in front of other users)

It started off with a great opener and kept building for two hours with an awesome selection of tracks, ordered perfectly. After it was over, the only thing I wanted was to listen more. Which is the sign of a great mix that we of course have to share with our community:


So who is @yondi?

Hi my name is Yondi, 33 years old and just started as a DJ. I always was really into music,  soul/pop/rock/blues and since 3 years also into electronic music. And it stole my heart. First I was a professional cyclist so not much time to go to festivals. Gladly I quit 3 years ago and experienced so many great things! Now I’m so happy I decided to spent money for a DJ set up and play! I love to make people smile trough music so hopefully (when it is possible again) I can play more and more at gigs in the future and starting with producing as well. I always take some time to find some good tracks, new and old. And when I have a gig like the 1TAAK Rooftop Session I love to sort out the tracks and place them in order of what I like to hear if I was the crowd. 

I am the founder of 1Taak and 1TAAK Rooftop Sessions. We are on a short break right now, but soon we will be back with high quality sets with dope scenery!

Check out our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHNFH0ActP0wd3iCZl84u7Q?view_as=subscriber

I found out I really love to play for people… so if you like my style.. shoot me a message 🙂 and i would love to learn about producing music. 

How Yondi can help you

If you need help with organizing an event I can be your guy! I would love to make more people happy with my mixing and in the future with own songs. Producing maybe not in 2020 but hopefully 2021.

Cheers Yondi

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