Listen and submit to Playlists, DJ Mix Shows and Podcasts on OTGS!

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After getting some great feedback from users, we decided to add Playlist and DJ show functionality to OTGS as well.

So now you can add your own playlist (Spotify or Soundcloud), DJ mix show, podcast or blog, promote it and find new listeners and music for it.

As an artist you can now easily and directly submit your tracks to the playlists, DJ shows and others and get a lot of extra exposure for your music.

We as OTGS will be adding playlists ourselves to support artists. The first one is already started up: OTGS Best from the Techno Scene

Insider tip: If you create DJ mixes on a relatively regular basis (more than once a year 🙂 ), than also add it as a DJ Mix Show, so you get fresh new music and artists can get your support.

Remember: Support others. Get support!


Jeady GO aka Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

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