Guaranteed & private feedback for your Tracks and DJ Mixes

Last night we pushed live the next part of our platform where artists, labels, promoters and service providers can find the right people to work with, learn from each other, get real support and achieve their musical goals, faster;

Feedback for Tracks and DJ Mixes

If you have not done so yet, I highly recommend first reading: “The #1 way to move your music career forward & why we started OTGS”. This new feature is some real level 4 s^%&t!

As Artists ourselves, we want feedback to:

  1. be honest (you only learn when you get real and constructive feedback)
  2. be detailed (arrangement, mixing etc, multiple elements should be rated)
  3. be placed in perspective (who gave it and how should you value that specific piece of feedback)
  4. be rewarded

So, that is what we build:

  1. Give and receive detailed feedback on Tracks and DJ Mixes.
  2. Feedback is completely private and can be given anonymous, so everyone can be honest and there is no shame or blame.
  3. The feedback is on various elements and with a comment field.
  4. We use sliders with minimum and maximum, no numbers. Feedback on art can not be expressed in a number and is subjective as it is. It is up to the giver and receiver to decide the real value/learning of the feedback.
  5. Reviewers can earn a nice and shiny Badge of Honor for their efforts, which makes them stand out among the crowd as a giver, someone to learn from and possibly collaborate with.

We are guaranteeing at least one review for every track and mix that is posted from today (we will try to do the same for older work as well). If you have not received any feedback within a week or so after posting, feel free to follow up 🙂

Soon we will also be highlighting the best rated tracks on various spots on the platform.

Oh and before I forget, we also did a lot of other work on the platform! We improved the accuracy of recommended Opportunities, you can now invite others also through Whatsapp (see “We need your help” section on My Scene) and fixed smaller issues around the site.

We always love to hear what you think of our efforts. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

How about giving some feedback on tracks and mixes now? 😉


Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

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