Got Gear?

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Have you ever tried to collaborate with someone only to find out you are using completely different DAWs?

Ever wondered who could help you with some advice or training on a specific synth or compression plugin?

Or maybe you want to sell or buy a very specific condenser microphone or set of studio monitors?

How about needing a conversation opener to connect with someone?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you should search or browse for your Gear and add it to your OTGS profile by marking it as “Own It”, then come back to finish reading this post.


So now that you added your Gear, the “In Common” sidebar you see on an artist’s profile when you have something in common, will include Gear. Check out one of our most active users, Touchfreak, and see if you have something in common.

Using a piece of Gear you have in common is a very easy and natural way to open conversation with someone. You could write something like:

“Hey I see you are also using Stylenth, what do you think of it? I am having some trouble with the outputs, have you had this problem?”

If you are missing any of your Gear, please ask us to add it. We added the 2000 most used pieces (according to third party sites) so far and can add any other Gear you might want.

Love to hear what you think of this functionality, hope it helps you on your path!

Jamie Jamie aka Olaf

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