Gigs are the new gold!

At OTGS we believe that achievements sound louder than words. As you know we want to help you collaborate and build a support team around you that will help you move forward.

We got really tired of trying to be funny on Twitter, making a two euro pasta look good while balancing on a mixer and in general just Zuckerberg asking us to be his friend. We bet he does not even like Electronic Music. Does he?

We believe that what REALLY matters to others is your music, your art, how you make them feel by sending sound waves through the sky.

We believe that showcasing the events you DJ-ed at or that you are going to do a live performance at, are marks that you leave on the universe of your awesomeness and you should let others know about it!

So go and add your upcoming gigs (don’t be shy, everyone starts at the local bar) and especially also add past events. They are like gold to us, and hopefully all of you!

Jeady GO! 😉
(Seemed very fitting here…)

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