“Get help with” highlighted, Spotify & Facebook player embeds and DJ Mix types

As you probably have noticed, we have been a bit quiet recently on the platform. With all the issues going on in the world, we decided to listen more and speak less for a bit. While doing so, we worked hard on completing some upgrades and a few new features for the platform that we hope you like.

The key focus of our platform is to let you know who can help you move your music forward and connect you with them. To make this even easier, we have added markers to user cards that show how right away how they can help you or how you can help them. They are great indicators what to reach out on to someone.

Besides this we also added Spotify and Facebook player embeds to the track pages so you can now add tracks or mixes that you have posted on those platforms and get more plays through our site. We also made tracks posted on OTGS embeddable around the site, so when you post a link to them anywhere on the site, it will embed the track player now.

RECOMMENDATION: Post your tracks and mixes on our platform to get rated and show in the top rated tracks and DJ mixes lists.

Even more now that almost all new DJ mixes are performed at home, it important to know (for a promoter) what type of DJ mix the artist has created. Is it just a relaxed mix to listen to at home, is it meant to showcase a mix at peak time during a club evening or is it a diverse mix showcasing the range of styles someone plays. So now you can add the set type when adding a DJ mix.

Finally we did some smaller changes such as improving the colors of buttons, optimizing the flow of updating your profile and fixing some small bugs.

Hope you like our latest efforts! More to come soon!

Jamie Jamie

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