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We make it easy for you to grow your sales by showcasing your products to DJs, Producers, Live Performers, Engineers and Vocalists. Discover your top influencers and learn about your customers.

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Reach a new and crucial audience

Grow your product sales by showcasing your gear and its features directly to DJs, Producers, Live performers, Studio Engineers and Vocalists.

Get to know (potential) buyers

Find out who are the most influential (potential) users. Learn about your audience by joining the conversation.

Join user groups and share knowledge

Our music style, local or user created groups are a perfect way to share your knowledge of music production and build your audience.

Support others. Get support.
Find recognition.

Active support is what is needed to move forward. Recognize those that support you and get the recognition that you deserve

Connect with the Electronic Music Scene

Need help with growing your company? Find and connect with Marketeers, Growth Hackers, Influencers and others.

All in one platform

We bring together DJs, Producers, Record Labels, Event Promoters, Gear Brands and Pro Service Providers in one place.

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It is our mission to help you succeed

Whether you want to sell more product, share your knowledge or simply get recognition for your contribution to the Scene, we are here to help you achieve it. Shall we get started?