Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are having trouble logging in, please check the following:

  1. Make sure you are using your email address to sign in, not your username.
  2. Did you forget your password? Reset your password.
  3. Did you forget which email address you used to sign up? Send us a message.

If you have any other issues, please just reach out to us and we will help you asap.

If you are having trouble signing up, please check the following:

  1. Did you select a username as well as an Artist / company name?
    If you do not see this option or if you have trouble selecting it, please reload the form as sometimes it gets stuck on that a little.
  2. Has your Artist or company name or username been taken already? If this is a cause of someone using your identity, please contact us and we will sort things out asap.
  3. Are you not finding your country or city? Start by slowing typing your city (or country) name. As soon as you start typing it should start suggesting options. You will need to select one of the options available so we can match you to other users. If you are not finding the right options, please choose something as close as possible to it.
  4. Are you not finding the exact music style you would like to use to describe your music? We have the option to add styles, so you can suggest us any styles that we are missing and we will consider adding them.
  5. If you try to sign up and get an error, but you can not see which field is wrong, we suggest reloading the page and trying again. We have some conditional logic that triggers depending on what you fill in and sometimes when users go fast through the form, it gets stuck a little. Our apologies for that.

Rewards & Support Points

Rewards strongly increases the motivation for fans to support your work and take real action, because it creates opportunities to get close to you. Likes and follows do not move the needle, not for the artists or promoter, but also the fan is left feeling very far away from them.

The real value in the rewards often will come from the fan just being able to connect with you. What the reward is, does not even matter that much.

At the same time, the reward is an acknowledgment and something to strive for. Everyone loves getting a present now and then and for sure everyone loves achieving a goal and feeling good about it. 

So the rewards are a representation of your relationship growing and becoming very personal with great memories for both the fan as well as the artists or promoter to look back on. 

In the end engaging with each other is a very big part of the joy you will get from creating music, going to events and discussing the latest. 

Give it a try and you will see the power it brings!

The key thing is to not overthink it. The exact rewards is not that important.

What matters is that you and your fans get opportunities to connect and strengthen relationships.

What are the type of interactions you yourself would like to have with your favorite artists. What are good ways to not only give a fan something back from their continued support, but more importantly create a stronger relationship on a personal level?

It is not about giving big rewards, it is about making connections and making people feel good.

So a shout-out on your IG or a 30 minute call with a group of fans to talk about what your next track or event will look like are some great options to start with. Get them involved in your work and you will not believe the strong community of fans you will build up. 

On the reward setup pages we also have a complete list with suggestions per level. You can just copy paste and get going. And remember, keep it simple! 

Here are some of the rewards we have seen that we love:

A shout out on social media
An exclusive or even one-off track or mixtape
Access to your exclusive Scene on OTGS
Guest list for event
Meet & greet (online or offline)
Join me on stage
Feature on a track or in a video
Access to private events for fans only

You can earn Support Points by taking actions that support an Artist, either in growing their audience or making an income from that audience. 
Here is the current list of actions  you can take. It shows how many points you can earn and how often you can earn them. You can take more actions of course, but we just limit the SP you can earn to stop all the annoying and completely useless bots! They suck.
Oh and if you undo an action, you loose points. Fair, right?
Please note that we are in a beta stage, and we might have to change the below slightly. OTGS is build for you, so we take all the feedback we get very seriously and adjust if in the best interest of everyone. 
See the current list after the “how to loose Support Points” section.

If you decide to undo any action you have taken to support someone, the same SP will be deducted.

This way we avoid all those silly games that everyone plays on social media, follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow…. 🙂

Of course it is fine to undo an action. Just do not abuse the system. The system will bite you in the &%$&%!

This might change depending on feedback from the community, but will always be fair for all.

Name SP per action # counted Requirement
Comment on a post 1 SP 5 comments (per day per user) Comment on a post to push the message forward.
Follow a user 5 SP 1 (in total per user) Follow a user so you will see their latest music, events and posts.
Repost music on OTGS 10 SP 2 shares (per day per user) Repost music on OTGS and earn the SP right away.
Repost an Event on OTGS 10 SP 2 shares (per day per user) Repost an event on OTGS and earn the SP right away.
Share music outside OTGS 20 SP 2 shares (per day per user) Share the link outside of OTGS and earn SP if 2 or more people visit it. We verify the visits!
Share an Event outside OTGS 20 SP 2 share (per day per user) Share the link outside of OTGS and earn SP if 2 or more people visit it. We verify the visits!
Share a profile outside of OTGS 25 SP 1 share (in total per user) Share the link outside of OTGS and earn SP if 2 or more people visit it. You can earn this only once per user.
Go to an event 30 SP All are counted Scan the QR code when you are at the event and earn the SP.
Purchase music Coming soon! Purchase music from the Artist and earn points.
Join / view an online event Coming soon! View on online event live (or not) and earn SP.
Stream music Coming soon! Stream a track and earn points.
Buy tickets Coming soon! Earn points by buying tickets through OTGS.
Add to playlist Coming soon! Add music to your personal playlist and earn points.


Use 3 or less links in a post to avoid your messages from not being accepted. We have set this limit for now to prevent some initial spam.

You can embed a Youtube video or Soundcloud/Mixcloud player by pasting the link to it in your post and clicking the “Remove Link” button that pops up.

When replying to posts, take your time. Very fast replies to many different channels are not good for the quality of the discussions and are often an indicator of a spam bot. Which we will have to limit or block.

Be respectful!
Keep it positive!
Do not spam!

Some tips when interacting with users on our site to help you stay safe at all times:

  • Do not share private contact information in posts or comments. If you want to discuss something directly with another user, send them a Private Message in stead.
  • Do not post content that you do not want to be public. Our site is publicly available for everyone and you should assume that your public posts can be read by anyone. Your private messaging with others users is of course full secure and encrypted with the highest standards.
  • Do not share unnecessary personal information. If you are in doubt about any request from another user, please contact us first to assist you.
  • Before you agree to meet anyone offline that you connected with on our platform, make sure you check their person and information properly. Make sure you fully understand who they are and that they are who they say they are.
  • Report any inappropriate, unsuitable or illegal activity on our site to our team by sending a message through our contact form. We will take appropriate action right away.

When in doubt or if you have any questions about this topic, please reach out to us through our contact form or to one of our team members.


We work hard to create transparency and accuracy for all information published on OTGS and pro-actively take action to remove confusing, misleading or incorrect information.

A user is able to create and own Events and Music profiles without necessarily being the rightful owner of the event or piece of Music. A user is also able to add the name of an Artist or Record Label to OTGS, upon which we create an “unclaimed” account setting OTGS as it’s owner. As soon as the rightful owner asks us to transfer the ownership and can prove ownership rights, we will start the ownership transfer process. The steps are:

  1. Validate request of new owner
  2. Block respective account if step 1 has a positive outcome
  3. Inform current owner about claim and offer chance to discuss
  4. If no dispute, we will transfer the account to the new owner and notify the current owner.

If you want to claim an existing profile / account on OTGS, you can contact us, providing the following details:

  1. The URL to the profile you want to claim
  2. Briefly explain why you believe you are the correct owner for the profile
  3. Your email
  4. Your phone number

Besides these details we ask you to send us a DM from any of your other Social profiles for verification purposes. You can find our Social profiles in the footer of the homepage.

Audio / Music

When adding tracks, mixes and other audio to our site, you can select the type of audio you are adding. The benefit of doing so is that we can show very specific and relevant types of audio to targeted users. Think for example; private tracks for record label submissions or mixes for users that just want to enjoy a good set.

The choices you have and what they mean on our platform:

  • Available for signing – This indicates that you are interested in signing the track with a record label.
  • DJ Mix – This is a mix recorded in a studio or live setting. Many users love listening to mixes while working (the OTGS team for example 😉 ).
  • Label Release – A track released with a record label.
  • Live Performance – A recording of a live performance.
  • Preview – A preview of a track, normally short, up to a a few minutes only, to give an idea of what your track is going to sound like. Great for asking for feedback to others.
  • Private – A private track that is not shown anywhere on the site and is only accessible by a direct link (that you can share with others, for example record labels). This feature supports SoundCloud private tracks, just make sure you use the private embed URL in this case.
  • Self Release – A track released and promoted by the artist, without signing it to a record label.

If you want to search specific types of audio, you can do so by going to our browse pages and use the filter.