Arnavi Baniakina is a young independent artist well know by his stage name AV Supreme making a big debute on SoundCloud with an estimated 8.2K streams on his Greatness Awaits E.P on SoundCloud and 1.2K on his single Tweny A G.O.A.T.AV Supreme is Open minded, Business minded, Social,Hard Working,Determined and Good when it comes to creating hit tracks in the studio.Born in Congo Brazzaville on the 18 February 2000 moved to South Africa in early 2005.Welcome To The New Era Of Hip Hop. Show more..
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Help others, Release tracks, Go to events, Discover music
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- Creative Local Artist Of The Year
- Published My First Music Video visuals on YouTube
- Best Trapper To Ever Recite Out Of Paarl

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