Andrew Frenir - Summer Vibing EP

Andrew Frenir
October 5, 2020
Having premiered on our second Balearic Beach compilation, Mexican producer Andrew Frenir now debuts his first EP on our imprint. As the title suggests, "Summer Vibing" captures the last vestiges of summer's incandescent glow. The titular track's melodic rhythm vibes off the winds and currents of summer's transitioning tides. Sensual grooves and canorous escapades make "Summer Vibing" a delicious nose ride along the Soluna surf. Transitioning from summer's warm embrace, the colors of autumn begin to saturate both the atmospheric skylines and Earth's verdant gardens. Groovy, melodic, and sentimentally appealing, "Autumn" shall audibly flourish. "From Where the Sun Comes" is a reminder of the fond memories interwoven on a summer tapestry. Blissful arpeggiated chords and smooth grooves strung together in a beautiful melodic arrangement leaves a sunny luster in the hearts of listeners. - Soluna Music
Music style
Deep House, Progressive House, Trance
Record label
Soluna Music
Produced / performed by
  • Andrew Frenir
    San Luis Potosí City, Mexico 
    Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Trance
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