Andrew Frenir & Okwells - ZEBA (Original Mix)

Andrew Frenir
March 28, 2019
In March I was back with another release some of different to my style. Progressive Trance released on March 28, 2019. With inspiration, fresh, sea, sun, love, magic, atmosphere those feelings represent my track called "ZEBA". Now maybe you are asking you why that name, well the easy form to say it: Months ago I worked in this project, always trying to make it better. Inspired in something special that makes me feel in love, really I have not an idea to show my feelings on this. This track is for a special person, she always showed me the real feeling in this life. That's why I made this song called as her name ZEBA and I hope this continues like an amazing love. As well I proud to be part of the album with guys very talents and awesome people. This track was supported by: - The Grand Sound (A channel that I'm following from 3 years, it was my big goal). - DJ JIM - Lesh Dreamtime Podcast 064 - Rash ID - Olbaid (I was selected with this track as week artist on his YouTube channel)
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  • Andrew Frenir
    San Luis Potosí City, Mexico 
    Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Trance
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