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Alek Sis

Berlin, Germany
Alek Sis is an young artist exploring sounds from deep house to progressive techno and tries to focus his music on one main thing : Melody. He started mixing after discovering Berlin and its techno scene in 2018. During one year, Alek Sis mixed in France, first in Brest, then in Paris where he won a DJ-contest allowing him to play in the DreamNation festival. Based in Berlin until the end of 2019, Alek Sis enriched his music by composing several songs.
Music style
Melodic House & Techno , Techno
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  • Set WINTER 2019 Alek Sis
    DJ Mix / Mix Tape
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  • Added the track: Set WINTER 2019 by Alek Sis

    Set WINTER 2019 Alek Sis
    DJ Mix / Mix Tape