Cleaner, fresher, easier OTGS now LIVE!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have pushed live a cleaner, fresher and easier to navigate version of On The Ground Sound!

Talking to several of you, I found that OTGS has a lot of functionality that was not found easy enough. Some mentioned;

“it would be great to get some suggestions on what is next for me”….well that existed, but it was a bit in the background.

Others mentioned; “I would love to have a mobile app”…well, I now first made the mobile navigation way easier, so you can just open the site in a mobile browser and it will look like an app. I am looking at creating an actual native app and it seems this is doable without spending the bank, so stay tuned for that also!

Now you also have a “home” menu option…this brings you to your news feed, links to contacts, music scenes, manager and other parts of the site. This part I am going to build out a lot more, with tracking of your progress towards the goals that you have potentially set.

I also going to build out our award system. As many of you know, the whole idea behind OTGS is that we should support each other and I believe that you should find some reward for doing so. So more to come on that as well.

All changes:

  1. updated “Discover” section, easier to navigate and find what you need
  2. easier navigation for the music scenes, now very much like Discord with clear channels and a single main channel with all the scene’s activity
  3. improved navigation for mobile site
  4. removed less relevant sections from mobile site
  5. created a clear home section, which will become your main starting place for your time on OTGS
  6. a setup to bringing the manager/virtual coach more to the front

Let me know if you see any issues or possible improvements. Love to connect with everyone and keep making OTGS better and better.

@jeadygo out.

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