VSTs & Plug-ins recommendation

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  • On The Ground Sound

    You mean this one:https://otgs.io/discover/ohmicide/  ? 🙂

    Just added it to our Gear section. You can now mark it as part of your studio gear 😉

    Crimson Lake Production

    I’d like to recommend Ohmicide. It’s a really nice multiband distortion plugin with a ton of different distortion types to choose from. Easy to go overboard with, like any kind of distortion, but it’s great for polishing up an abrasive/aggressive/crunchy texture on a bass or something like that, or for some subtle coloring on drums and leads.

    Abstract Motion

    Woow, Have always been a fan of Reason’s GUI, having it as a plug-in look super fun.
    Great innovation this one!

    Time Travel Companions

    Top end stuff : PLugin Boutique, UAD (you need uad hardware) and Eventide. Quality but pricey

    Check out Reason as plugin with Reason 11.. lots of expressive hq effects and instruments

    Abstract Motion

    I have never really used this Plug-in, but I heard from others producers that it is one of the best Reverbs out there. I gotta say it has a very friendly interface hahah

    Abstract Motion

    Also, Fabfilter make some really nice plug-ins, their visual reference is very well done.
    If I’m not wrong Korg M1 piano and organ sound was used in a lot of dance classics, it has some great sounds on it, would love to get my hands on one hahaha

    Abstract Motion

    Yeah Kabir, that’s the one haha

    On The Ground Sound

    Waves definitely has some good plugins.

    Are you guys familiar with ValhallaDSP though? https://otgs.io/discover/vintageverb/

    Really good reverb for very little. Use it on all my projects.


    Waves Complete Bundle is just Amazing.
    I personally use a lot H-Delay and TrueVerb and find them to be the best Modulation Effects vsts.
    Compression-wise Fabfilter Pro-C 2 Is really accurate and it shows you the realtime spectrum being affected.
    In fact all Fabfilter Bunddle is beautiful Pro-Q (EQ), Pro-R (Reverb), and Saturn(Dist.) are just amazing.
    I find that Cytomic The Glue gives you a good character when compressing drums and I like it to give those sounds a more “artistical” and fast compression.

    On Synths and samplers two friends I did on ADE showed me their songs and I asked what Vst did they use for the piano.They showed me Korg M1. Korg M1 is pretty amazing for this Future House kind of piano sound.
    I used to use Una Corda for Kontakt and it is such a beautiful instrument and really realistic.

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