Vittao from Brazil

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  • Jeady GO!

    Hey Vittao!

    Good to see you back. Gigs are online now 🙂

    Any new mixes done recently? Love to hear some new music. Post them on OTGS and you can get some good plays for it and grow your audience.

    Let me know if I can help with anything for your music.


    Jeady GO!


    Hi Heady GO!

    Thanks for the message and sorry for the late response.

    Yes, I was experimenting different styles so I could find which ones I like the most. 🙂

    Right now I think to stick with house and deep/melodic techno, which I’m in love right now hahaha.

    I never made a live streaming, honestly. But I would love to try.

    I wish I could find some gig to play, but with this crisis everything is so hard :/

    Thanks for the message!


    Jeady GO!

    Hi Vittao, great to have you join!

    I listened to some of your mixes. I see you like a wide range of electronic music, just like me 🙂 Mixes are tight btw, great work.

    Throwing any live streaming parties these days? 🙂


    Jeady GO! aka Olaf





    Hi guys!
    My name is Vitor and I’m a DJ as a hobby.
    I’m from Brazil and I used to play lots of parties at my University.
    I came to Amsterdam but I didn’t play in a party yet, what would be magic for me 🙂
    I love to play and to be at parties, so I’ll be always open to doing both! hahaha
    I like to play deep techno, house, and progressive house.
    Here is the link with most of my mixes:

    Thanks for space and for accepting me in this community!