• Touchfreak

    Hello everyone,

    We’re really pleased to be part of the OTGS community, and are grateful for the opportunities it presents to support each other, share skills and pool knowledge.

    By way of introduction, I am Gareth, based near Liverpool in the UK, and my co-producer, Nathan, in Malaga, Spain.

    We have worked together for quite a long time now. Touchfreak actually started as a project around 10 years ago, but for various reasons we didn’t get round to doing anything properly with it until October last year. Since then, we have released 5 tracks, which have attracted a modest but pleasing response from listeners. We are striving to build our fan base, and are exploring various avenues for promotion and exposure.

    Neither of us is a DJ, preferring to leave that to those who know what they’re doing. That being the case, we are very keen to attract the support of DJs to help our music reach an audience. In return, we can offer any DJ, as may want it, production help and/or ghost- writing.

    In terms of genre, I’d say we work primarily in Deep House, Deep Tech, Melodic Tech, and Chillout/Ambient. We know that the dance music world likes to define things by genre, but in reality we just consider ourselves as producers of electronic music. More often, we do not usually set out to write any particular type of track, it just is what it is when finished, and we then have to try and pigeon-hole it. We also really like to work with vocals.

    I stared my musical life as the bass player of a psychedelic rock band (have the tinnitus to prove it), which first introduced me to synths, being lucky enough to learn my craft on original, first generation ARP 2600 and Odyssey. Nathan, on the other hand, was the lead guitarist of a metal band, and came to the world of electronic music through a love of clubbing and groove.

    We are big users of Cubase, which is primarily my fault, having been a user for about 15 years (truth being I’m too lazy to invest the time in learning another DAW to the extent I know Cubase 🤣). We are also lucky in having a reasonable collection of hardware synths, both vintage and modern.

    You can check out our music via our profile, and we hope you like it.

    We very much hope that we can bring something to the table, and be of help to someone out there.

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