Sunny Positive Vibes from Ibiza Island

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    Thank you, very much!

    Freelikz ~ is ~ Kristik

    Great tune! Crisp production, nice spatial placing. Solid melodies, solid remix!


    I would agree with #1 and #2 stated above. Try and keep it to the point. Now a day its best to keep a tracks length just long enough to say what its gotta say.

    I also feel like the breakdown/ build up is a bit muddy and doesn’t quite compliment the second bust as well as it could. Possibly some automated hp filter sweeps and reverb pull/push would help that.  Wet to dry right before the pause, then bam! Drop the claps/snare and ride out the rhythm to help accent the new phrase.


    Hope this helps! 🙂


    Jeady GO!

    Hey ESSIGI!

    Love the positive vibe your track is radiating! You have a lot of great musical ideas in the track. For my taste (everyone is different right?) I would:

    1. reduce the track length a bit, people have a very short attention span 🙂 Maybe 5-6 minutes? That way you can also focus on elements more.

    2. use some layering and maybe some filter automation for the piano and synths. It can make the richer and unique.

    3. be careful with MJ’s voice…it is obviously copyrighted, but also it does not seem to be in tune exactly with the other elements.

    Hope it helps! You might want to check in with some of the OTGS members that like to co-produce, they can probably give better tips than me, I am no pro at all 🙂

    Keep up the positive vibe!