Some me – Know Knobs (wex 10 remix)


    Some me – Know Knobs (web 10 remix)

    Jeady GO!

    Hey Kleibi, I took the liberty to post a youtube link as it will embed the video:

    Nice and hard track btw. Is this what you play yourself also? Is Hard techno how you got into Electronic Music? I started with Hardcore myself 🙂


    Jeady GO!


    Yes indeed, i love this style of Techno and all my sets are build around this style! The more BPM, the better 🙂

    Jeady GO!

    Familiar with the older work of Henrik B? I used to play a lot of it when I still played raw techno:

    Hard yet groovy, very nice, very nice 🙂


    Absolutely love it! Nice sound!


    I’m not really into the hard stuff like that. But I recommend you this track as it is some of the hardest I can get hahaha


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