My 2 latest tracks for analysis/critique.

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  • On The Ground Sound

    Hey Alyo, great musical ideas and details in both remixes! For both it would be interesting to hear the beats more to give them that extra pace. I was waiting for the beat to come and it did not really do so.

    Of the first track there seems to be something off about the vocal tuning, but than again I am no expert 🙂

    Hope it helps.


    Hi there people! 🙂

    In the links below, I’m sending you my 2 latest tracks, which I think, are the best indicator of my whole knowledge and experience of music production so far. It’s electro/pop similar genre, with only the vocals from the originals in the mixes.

    Don’t hold back with honesty of course. :))


    LINKS (private soundcloud):

    KINGDØMS – Senses (Alyo Remix)

    Dua Lipa – New Rules (Alyo Remix)