Music is Energy in Harmony

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  • Antor Solair

    Interesting read nice one


    Really Love your explanation Kosma and thank you for the interest, it seems you’ve been studying a lot and I appreciate you taking the time on writing.

    From my point of view, and I’m not a very illustrated individual on this, neither dequalifying my opinion, Frequency is the repetition of any action over time, so when it comes to audio frequencies, a frequency is how fast a field oscillates producing an audio signal that can be percieved by a subject like a human or animal.

    I might not be right haha so let me know. 🙂

    Kosma Solarius

    No, I am working with all the natural tunings. 432 Hz is not a frequency of importance, it is a tuning. The majority doesn’t get that right and they hype about this number is simply silly. There is a natural tuning, which is pretty important at 432.098Hz and that is only of interest if one has to tune an instrument or a music production to a certain key. The certain key, which is the root of the tuning is important and nobody talks about it. The Earth year orbital frequency (time the planet needs to travel around the sun) is at the 32nd octave a C# at 136.1 Hz and if one wants to tune to this frequency the 432.098 Hz is the answer.
    Each planetary frequency got its own tuning and the tuning is only in one case also what you actually wanna hear or what one works with.
    An Earth year track in C# will be tuned at 432.098 Hz, but the 432 are not in the music as a frequency. (only if you play the key A 🙂
    The confusion is big about this and I published a couple of articles >> (click here) about this to explain it.
    Also, the nonsense about other “sacred” frequencies is spreading greatly all over the internet. Hey… Pineal Gland frequency… ffs.
    I am researching frequencies, tunings and the effects for 20 years now and I actually developed software to calculate tunings. It is called the Icosmo Complete (only runs on Mac).
    If you want to read about the natural tunings of planet tones or even molecules, visit

    My published albums (A Beautiful Soul / New Dimensions) are both tuned to these planetary frequencies.
    Each track is tuned differently. From a time period or a frequency and even from a light wavelength (colour) we can calculate the musical tuning data, like the master tuning (standard is 440Hz), tempo (beats per minute), the chromatic tone and its exact colour in the light frequency bandwidth. In my software, I also calculate alternatively the tuning in cents and the delay time in ms at 1/8

    Ask your self following question and maybe ask your friends to see how many actually know: WHAT IS FREQUENCY?

    I am asking this since over a year, every week at my gong sessions. About 99% don’t have an idea of what frequency is or means.

    I will not tell you right now what the answer is. Try to answer it without looking first. Test yourself. 🙂
    In days, where everyone is posting lots of frequency-related stuff, it is shocking that basically none of them knows what this all means.
    5G petitions, tons of “healing” frequencies and hey!… the pseudo-spirituals want us to raise our frequency.
    If you meet one, who says that, please ask “Which one?”. 🙂


    Amazing ! so you work with 432Hz mostly?

    Kosma Solarius

    Well, there is a lot to tell and you all know how to check my website and read the bio.
    My work is widespread and circles about a common centre.

    20 years ago I got into tuning music other ways than standard and discovered the soul of music in this.
    Since this time I studied all, I could about frequencies, tuning and especially the cosmic octave tuning, which is base of my music and also the gongs I play are tuned this way.
    Basically I play with natural tunings taken from recurring time periods in the universe.

    My work as gong master changed my life and after living for 8 years in Thailand I started travelling with the gongs and ended up on Ibiza 🙂 Now I started to rebuild my live project and see where it will go.

    I have no idea, how this website will help me on my way, but I believe it is a good thing to connect, share and help each other with advice and how over.

    Ok. I am back on the faders now.
    Looking forward to seeing what will happen here.