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  • On The Ground Sound

    Cool, will be listening in the coming days!


    bit of both to be honest few new mixes being added today

    On The Ground Sound

    Interesting mix Skullface! Really enjoyed the beginning with the liquid D&B and the housy party later on. Do you play out this type of set, or was it merely as a demo as you kind of mentioned already 🙂


    Hello skullface here, this is a master mix for possible clients it contains over 6 sub-genres of 3 main genres of music Liquid drum and bass, dark drum and bass, jump up drum and base, jungle, deep house, progressive house, and trance. It aimed to provide a (brief overview) of my mixes and my styles. This was only around 4% of my library but is definitely worth listing to. I encourage feedback. I also encourage re-posts and shares feel free to share anywhere needed lets get me on the charts after all the hard work i put in <3

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