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  • Jeady GO!

    Hi, my artist name is Jeady Go! Real name: Olaf

    I have been producing since 2002 and DJ-ing for about just as long. Together with Eelco (now known as MONQ) we have released a number of tracks with a French record label: S-Sens Records. Jazzyaa is the track that went around the world on vinyl and sold quite well.

    Together with another friend we performed for a while under the pseudonym Maltha & Waardenburg, in particular for DADA in Starlight in Nijkerkerveen, in bars in Amersfoort, at events such as Jazz Weekend on the Appelmarkt and some lounge / deep house tents in Hilversum and Amsterdam.

    When I have some time left in the day, I now produce progressive, techno, deep house type music with at the core of my “studio” a NI Maschine 1 (old school!!) and Cubase.

    In my own attempts to move forward with my music, I found out that in addition to good music you also need help from others and that collaborating and networking with others are crucial. After gaining a lot of experience outside the Netherlands with business in general and building web platforms, I am now back in Amersfoort to develop OTGS from here into THE collaboration and networking platform for Electronic Music.

    You can always reach me here on the site or at Questions, comments, requests, I am happy to hear them. We work hard to help you progress faster and are happy to receive feedback.

    Who’s next?

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