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    Hello everyone!


    We are a Berlin based label searching for new artists and DJs! Feel free to submit a demo to


    Please have a look at our genres.


    Have a nice week!



    Thanks Jamie! Much appreciated 🙂

    On The Ground Sound

    Welcome both!  Cool beat you posted mangangs! Kooku, for someone that just got started, you are moving fast! Make it stop sounds quite solid already! Congrats!


    Yoyo, I’m mangamgs, I make beats, sitting on a ton of beats that I think would sound good with some rap over em. Let me know if you wanna spit!


    Hey all,

    Kooku here. Been producing since lockdown began, so still new to it but learning fast. Hope to connect with you!

    On The Ground Sound

    Step #1 in the journey: Introduce yourself to the OTGS community.