How to be + Productive on quarentine as a Music Producer?

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  • Antor Solair

    Thanks for the book recomendations Kabir I’ll be sure to get them in

    Jeady GO!

    Lets see if we can get a group of users excited about it 🙂


    Sounds Amazing :0

    Jeady GO!

    Here is my suggestion: challenge someone to finish a track within two weeks or so. You keep each other in check and follow up frequently to put some social pressure behind it. Great way to deliver.

    Might actually be something to start with a group of producers here on OTGS…who is in?


    TIP : Dont follow the news every second ! Just pick up the headlines once a day and be more free !


    How to be + Productive on quarentine as a Music Producer


    You have loads of time and don’t know what to do with it = Make Music////>Start small

    *Define your times:

    Get a calendar app and define which hours of the day are you gonna make music, and what specific task are you gonna do for it (Beat making, Creating rythms, selecting samples,  starting a new song, choosing textures, creating synth sounds, recording, etc.)

    Start by defining when you are gonna wake up and do it. (apply the mel robbins’ 5 second rule)

    [A good idea is to start your day dancing to your favourite music, then jump on making music with the breakfast in your mouth]

    *Define how important is being a good producer for you:

    Set small achievable goals that are tangible (finishing 1 song this week for an EP that you’ll put in the same folder, getting the song’s form right on wednesday, etc.)

    *Make it fun : Think of what you enjoy the most>> Listening to songs ? Playing an instrument? Watching Tv? Figure out the way to do that what you enjoy mixed with producing music:>>> Trick Your Brain on doing what he doesn’t want in way that he enjoys the process.

    So for example if you like watching TV, Get a Recorder and Rec random Noises and smaples out of the Tv, Then go to your DAW and start mixing them up.

    If you Like singing in the shower, get your phone’s recorder and record it and distort it as much as possible with FabFilter Saturn so your bad singing would not be noticeable and take out a cool weird sounding sample out of that and pitch it up and down. See? the possibilities when it comes to make music are unlimited. The only thing that can put a limit on them is your brain saying he doesn’t wanna be productive and rest. Rest is important as it is a clear mind and breathing for productivity and creation.

    The Writer’s block is applicable in any creative process, and the only way of overcoming it is start writing (making music). But for this I would say we can add a very nice and useful tool that I call “cheating”; trick your mind into doing things she doesn’t want to do by doing something she likes and mixing it with something productive as it is eating a piece of that delicious chocolate if or while you finish the structure of that song.


    See the important thing here is being constant and also STARTING as if you don’t actually start, how can you be constant in doing anything.


    >>>>Set up your priorities; What is most important this day?:

    For me is:

    *Finishing work

    *Making music





    ***Cut out Scrolling through social media:

    Stop the endless stupidizing unproductivity created by only excercising your thumbs.

    I would really recommend to read or listen to the audiobook “Digital Minimalism” By Cal Newport.


    ****Read Books 

    Might be that nothing is better to learn than actually reading a book.


    >On how the music industry works:

    Everything You’d Better Know About the Record Industry by Kashif and Gary Greenberg


    >On how to make music and being productive:


    -Listen to Sam Matla’s Podcast on spotify :

    From Australia, they interviews music producers and electronic music industry people from all arround the world.

    It gave me loads of insights on how to make music in every aspect and how to manage time to be productive, how to arrange songs, and much more topics about electronic music that I think this is a great tool we have for free.



    What are your Ideas on how to be more productive as a producer, please comment down below and I will be editing this post with more content 🙂

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