Hey I am a Vocalist

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  • On The Ground Sound

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that you can also go here: https://otgs.io/discover/type/artist/ and filter on “skills offering”, there are quite a lot of users that have singing as a skill set. Hope it helps.

    Max Hauck


    im interested too

    here my mail


    Snippet of new track Instagram


    Hey Sarah,

    I think you could be exactly the singer, I’m looking for.

    I produced a lot of Techno tracks, and off course I still do. But I’m also looking for a singer for a new musicproject. I also love the Billie Eilish stuff and I would like to work  on new tracks together. Since last year i produced a lot of instrumentals between alternative – Indie popmusic. But sometimes also with influences from downbeat – / downtempomusic.

    Feel free to listen to some demos in the link.

    Did I maybe wake your interest? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

    All the best from Berlin


    Sarah Firestone

    Hey guys,


    i am a songwriter and Vocalist from Germany but I only sing in English bc I don’t really like the German language.


    i Write what I feel and I sing what I mean. I really like to sing like this hyped Billie Eilish style. Melancholic stuff and so on.

    I released a lot of house songs etc. But I am more into techno, trap, alternative indie and respectively deep songs. So you can check out my Instagram Covers.






    Cheers write me