Hey I am a Vocalist

  • Sarah Firestone

    Hey guys,


    i am a songwriter and Vocalist from Germany but I only sing in English bc I don’t really like the German language.


    i Write what I feel and I sing what I mean. I really like to sing like this hyped Billie Eilish style. Melancholic stuff and so on.

    I released a lot of house songs etc. But I am more into techno, trap, alternative indie and respectively deep songs. So you can check out my Instagram Covers.






    Cheers write me



    Hey Sarah,

    I think you could be exactly the singer, I’m looking for.

    I produced a lot of Techno tracks, and off course I still do. But I’m also looking for a singer for a new musicproject. I also love the Billie Eilish stuff and I would like to work  on new tracks together. Since last year i produced a lot of instrumentals between alternative – Indie popmusic. But sometimes also with influences from downbeat – / downtempomusic.

    Feel free to listen to some demos in the link.

    Did I maybe wake your interest? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

    All the best from Berlin


    Max Hauck


    im interested too

    here my mail


    Snippet of new track Instagram

    Jamie Jamie

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that you can also go here: https://otgs.io/discover/type/artist/ and filter on “skills offering”, there are quite a lot of users that have singing as a skill set. Hope it helps.

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