Hello world! :)

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  • Uli’s la Renaissance (Ulisses)

    yeah sure 😉

    On The Ground Sound

    It is a bit complicated to get the right result, but looks great once done! Let us know when you go live again.

    Uli’s la Renaissance (Ulisses)

    It was a bit complicated but i did it 🙂 Almost one week needed to install all this staff.

    I needed 2 laptops and 1 tablet to get this result hehe.. One laptop only with my projector connected to give Virtual and then the tablet connected with my second laptop for the camera. I used also OBS with my DDJ 400 controller threw the rekordbox.

    Thank you so much for your support! cant wait till my next live 🙂

    On The Ground Sound

    Oh nice! I have also been looking at live streaming again some sets. I saw your link to FB (we will try to add embedding of FB video soon), how did you do the visuals? I have been using rekordbox VDS in the past and looked at some VJ software but they are a bit too elaborate 🙂


    Uli’s la Renaissance (Ulisses)

    Hey! thank you for inviting me to your amazing website 😉

    At these days I am busy with my next live DJ-performance and cant wait for this. 🙂

    On The Ground Sound

    Hey Uli! Welcome to On The Ground Sound. Great to have you!

    What are you up to these days? Getting some music production or dj-ing done?

    Uli’s la Renaissance (Ulisses)

    Very happy to be a part of this group! 🙂