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    Got invited to this platform and made an account(Thx Kabir) and wanted to say Hiii!
    My name is Marcel and I’m from Amsterdam, playing at parties and festivals and clubs.
    Dj name is ‘Damian Dream’ and the music I play is called psytrance which is a short name for Psychedelic Trance.
    Undergound is what I want my style to be, I like to call my sound ‘groovy psychedelic’ all the way up to ‘dark forest’ but I think there are no official sub genre names.
    Original I come from the vinyl era, so yea, I have thousands of vinyl records 🙂 and I stillown my two Technics SL 1200’s and my Dateq.
    FInd my music artworks on soundcloud via my profile.

    Thanks for this platform and I would love to hear from you!

    Damian Dream

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