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    Hi everyone I’m Andrew,

    I’m not really sure what to say for an introduction! I love music, pretty much all types of music and I have ever since I was a child. I started playing the keyboard when I was six years old and the piano when I was ten. I still play the piano 2-3 hours a day! I first got introduced to electronic music when I was 16 and it has been my music of choice ever since.

    I’ve DJed off and on over the years using Technique 1200’s and CDJ’s. I mainly spin Progressive House, Dance, Techno and Tech House.

    I made the decision about a year ago to make the transition into music full time from software development. I started music production about 7 months ago, April of 2019 with the goal of spending a full year doing nothing but creating music. Just as I thought, I really love music production and I cannot get enough of it. It’s the best of both worlds combined into one, the music and the engineering sides. I learn by tinkering and it is so much fun to get into all the different ways you can manipulate the audio.

    Since starting music production, I have started and finished 14 tracks with my last being “In the Night” which is set to release in a couple days 11/18/19. I do everything in my tracks from creating to mixing to mastering.

    I’ve joined up with OTGS for probably the same reasons as others. I really believe in what OTGS is trying to accomplish with this website and truly feel it can be a great asset in assisting anyone in the music industry whatever their level of knowledge is.

    I’m mainly looking to network and find people that I “gel” with in an effort to support one another in different ways, whether that be in music production, finding DJ’s that I can send promos of my music to before releasing, or finding help in some skill areas that I’m really not good at (music promotion / social media).

    Looking forward to connecting and meeting you all,

    Jeady GO!

    Honored to have you Andrew, thanks for supporting us!

    It is great to see you get better at every track. Great things ahead my friend!

    Have a good musical weekend!


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