Business techno???

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You might have heard the term Business Techno around, especially if you hang out on Twitter. What is really meant with it and why is it on the rise? What is our view on it?

From reading a wide range of opinions about the term, it seems that people are trying to describe techno artists that are making tracks and doing performances more for the money than for the love of the music.

If that is the intended meaning, we can just use the term business music, because this happens in any style of music. There are artists in any style of music that mostly just dream of the private yet, being famous, making a lot of money and so on.

Why is the term Business Techno on the rise? Well, more and more, techno artists are starting to move to headliner positions at events as they are able to draw large crowds. Techno is becoming popular with a broader and larger audience, probably as a side-effect of the EDM boom we went through. So Techno is becoming more mainstream, which means more money to be made.

Is it wrong for a techno artist to make a decent or maybe even great income?

It would be strange to argue that someone that dedicates their live to making beautiful art that inspires and moves you, that gives you relief from your struggles in life, that brings you experiences beyond what your mind can dream up by itself, should not have a good (or even great) income. The idea is that by default it would hurt the art itself, even though the opposite might actually be true.

The art of Techno does get hurt when artists get booked because of fake-able numbers (socials), media hype, looks, side gigs (celebrities) or other factors that have no direct relation with the music itself. This lowers the overall quality of the music and performances that are being experienced, but this is a general problem with marketing, not just for techno.

One amazing benefit of techno becoming more mainstream is that it creates financial room to be spread out to others. Many Electronic Music artists have always had their own, unprofitable, labels, purely for the love of the music and to support new talent, as most releases really do not earn them anything. With more funds coming in through performances, more curated music can be scouted and released and get more attention through the larger audience that the artists are obtaining.

If the sharing of attention and financial benefit does not occur however, that might even cause the collapse of the entire scene as the influx of new talent and innovation comes to a hold in a scene where new talent has historically already had a hard time to rise through the ranks.

The Electronic Music scene has always had at its core; sharing, supporting others and acting out of love for the music and as long as we together keep that core the same, the scene will only grow and see more and more interesting artists and music appear.

In the meantime you can put your money were your heart is. Please do!

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