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As we were hard at work to complete the new Rating functionality (you can now privately rate any track/mix and get rewarded for it), Freelikz became Artist for the first two weeks! It is good to be first, right @freelikziskristik? 🙂

There is actually a big list of users that we would love to highlight as the Artist of the Week, but highlighting is only effective if we do it with measure. But we will definitely stick to the weekly frequency now!

This time the Artist of the Week is actually a duo of artists:

Touchfreak is a great example of producers successfully collaborating remotely, with Gareth living in the UK and Nathan in Spain. Great social distancing guys! 😉

Touchfreak has been creating outstanding quality tracks. They have fully embraced the “support others” principal on OTGS and for example made a great remix for another Artist on OTGS: Emperor.

You can tell from the way they handle their productions, their OTGS profile, their socials and basically everything around them that they in this for the love of music and connecting with others. A perfect duo to highlight this week!

Check out their latest track and support them with your feedback / rating!

So guys what is the background of Touchfreak?

“Our musical performance background was in Rock, ranging from psychedelic to metal. The psychedelic side introduced us to synthesizers, and from there on, there was no looking back.

We have taken influences from the early days of Detroit Techno, Chicago House, and 90s Euphoric Trance, and have blended these with our other love of 70s Euro Rock (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Kluster, Neu, Conrad Schnitzler etc). We’re also very keen on the film and sound track work of John Carpenter.

Despite our “heavy” beginnings, our first production outings were in pop and electro pop. To a certain extent, we maintain this in our parallel project working with singer/songwriter, Isha-D, being a sort of hybrid of melodic, vocal house and disco.

Having dealt with record labels and A&R departments for a number of years, we always felt artistically constrained, creating music under a collective, corporate director. Now, we set out to make music for ourselves, music that we like and enjoy creating. We’re not in this for the money, and have no wish to be the “next big thing”; it is important that we like what we do. That being said, of course,  if other people like our work, then that’s fantastic.”

What are you up to?

“We created an eclectic collection of tracks, being a mix of the blatantly commercial to the darn right bizarre, and continue to do the same.

At the moment we have several tracks in production with Isha-D, and two other vocalists we have yet to release with. We also have a number of more experimental works, mixing a Euro Rock vibe with a dance floor imperative.”

How can you help other OTGS users?

We’re always up for a collab or remix, work constraints permitting. We’re also happy to ghost write, or to help beginners with writing or developing ideas.

We are fortunate to have a reasonable collection of vintage and modern hardware synths and (E-mu) samplers. If anyone has any specific sound they need, message us, send us the midi, and we’ll send back the audio.

How can others help you?

“Well, if anyone has a mint condition PPG Wave 2.3, or Waldorf Wave, they’re willing kindly to donate, that would be very much appreciated (jk 🤣).

We are not DJs, and feel that djing is best left to those with the practical skills, knowledge of the vast musical catalogue, and an understanding of the dance floor. It follows that we would very much like to get the support of any sympathetic DJs out there, willing to include us in their set list.”

What are you goals for 2020?

“To continue to make music;
– to experiment with techniques to manipulate sound and production;
– to discover new and inspiring music and artists;
– to make new friends and contacts;
– to get back out to a nice bar for some tapas.

Thank you all for listening. Stay safe, stay well, and keep up your good work.

Peace and love,


Please let us know which Artist you think deserves the next Artist of the Week award. We are always open for recommendations, as long as it is somebody else your are recommending 😉

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