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Remember how we spoke about the need for real support for Artists?

Well, we started the Artist of the Week award to give our full support to an Artist that is showing a good balance between working hard, raw talent and giving back.

This is an award that can not be bought, you need to earn it. The OTGS team will, on a weekly basis, select someone and give them all the exposure we can. Which includes:

1. A shiny badge of honor so you stand out from the crowd on OTGS
2. An Artist profile post in our Resources section (shown also in the My Scene feed for all users)
3. Highlighted for a week in the Discover Artist section
3. Posts on all our socials (FB, Insta, Twitter)

Right when we were developing this new way to support Artists, someone joined OTGS that was clearly ready to roll, had a broad collection of great tracks and DJ mixes and a super solid work ethic.

And so we have the honor to award the first Artist of the Week award to………..

Freelikz & Kristik !!!

This talented producer works under two names; Freelikz being his Broken Beats side and Kristik his Bass House side.

Some of his work you should check out right now:

A vocal broken beats track with @ziel-muze-2 which not entirely coincidentally is also his wife 😉

A funky broken beat DJ set he played in Costa Rica:

Some raw Bass House vibes, best played loud:

Funky, Bass and Future House DJ Set:

And now in his own words, we present you Freelikz & Kristik:

“Its 9:29 pm on a Saturday and I’m sitting next to my wife trying to find the words to explain how insane the past 2 weeks have been. It all started with a comment on a Facebook post about a new music platform. I’m not one to post or comment on anything outside my local scene and absolutely struggle with self promotion. Due to the recent and horribly unfortunate event of my longtime and once trusted laptop recently abandoning me, I was left unable to produce with no final words of encouragement or small momento to remember it by, other than the dreadful blue screen of death mocking me and the many copies of backups I had made. (The most important tip I have is…..ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR SHIT!!!) 

While the computer gremlin’s were putting my producing sessions on an unexpected hiatus and with nothing better to do, I took a chance. I noticed that someone had posted a link and received a reply to their song, I decided to do the same. 2 weeks later and i’m writing this and have become a part of an amazing community of like minded people that are passionate, talented and full of genuine support.

So who am I?

Well, My name is Chris Dyck, my favorite color is orange, my favorite number is 7…ohhhh, you mean who am I REALLY??? Ok, well over a decade ago, I saw my first DJ, DJ Seratonin…and since that moment, I’ve been hooked on the art of music. I’m a producer and DJ from Calgary, Canada. I’ve been producing since I first downloaded FL studio 3 in 2001 and bought my first pair of tech 12s shortly after. I produce a blend of genres from ghetto funk, breaks, house and drum & bass and it’s not uncommon for me to switch them all up in a single track. I now work on Ableton Live using a vast collection of samples I’ve acquired over my journey with Serum being my go to synth.

What I have done so far

Aside from mastering dad jokes while not actually having any children of my own??? (Does that make me a Faux-Pa??? Hahaha…Seriously though, send me a message with a solid dad joke and we’ll be BFFs 4 Lyfe!!! 😜) Well, I’ve been lucky enough to perform in several countries, collaborated with many talented and inspirational artists, founded a music based talk show, podcast, online magazine and internet radio show, Rum & Bass. I’ve produced under a few different aliases but my main focus going forward is on my broken beat project as Freelikz and my new house alias Kristik.

What I am up to these days

I have recently been let go from my 9-5 shackles due to the pandemic which has given me the opportunity to focus more on my career as an artist. I’ve branched out into my new persona, Kristik, with whom I’ve been pushing individual boundaries and breaking the norm of my typical productions while constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have also begun building a label for self releasing, 2Ratchet.

What you should know about me 

I learned my love of sharing my knowledge by teaching underprivileged youth the art of dj-ing. I’ve hosted production seminars and many one on one teaching sessions with other artists. I find that I learn from teaching and try to push myself and those around me. I’m extremely positive and friendly so feel free to drop me a line if you have a question or want some feedback. I’m always down for helping.

How I can help you

I am willing to help with anything I can. Production, mixing, ideas, feedback, an encouraging message of support or a good old Dad joke. Sometimes that’s all we need to get over a hump.

How you can help me

Does anyone know how to bring back a laptop from the blue screen grave? Lol I’m definitely in need of help with social media marketing, learning how to promote myself effectively and performance management to help with tour and show logistics.

My goals for 2020

I want to be an active and positive member while helping to build this community. I would also like to build a solid network of support and nurture the relationships needed to be able to grow as an artist and share my music with live performances in new venues and countries. 

I have 3 things I always try to remember

  1. Keep true to yourself and always be making music. 
  2. The word can’t doesn’t exist in our industry. The dancefloor is big enough for everybody. (The wife taught me that gem) 
  3. Always push yourself! You’re most likely to surprise yourself because you are always better than you give yourself credit for!

Much love and many thanks,

Chris aka Freelikz & Kristik

OTGS Note: please let us know which Artist you think deserves the next Artist of the Week award. We are always open for recommendations, as long as it is somebody else your are recommending 😉

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