Artist of the Week: DJ Toxic Twin

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The first introduction to this week’s Artist of the Week was through this funky minimal / deep tech track he posted on OTGS:

It right away caught the attention as it was very well mixed and the arrangement was spot on. He added various other great tracks, such as:

And almost at the end of his impressive list of tracks, we came across Calma. This one really took us for a ride. This is one of those tracks that you need to allow to surprise you. While the track builds the elements start falling into place and the energy is just amazing. It combines a 90’s vibe with a soundscape of now which works really well! We already included it in our playlist (we are considering doing a special live stream to promote tracks posted on OTGS soon, so add tracks that you might want featured 😉 )

When we reached out to this artist it was clear how he got to this specific sound:

DJ Toxic Twin

From 1994 to 2015 I worked as a DJ and composer / producer in electronic music in Berlin. At that time I mainly published with my publishing house DNS as DJ Toxic Twin records on the labels Kamtschatka Records, Free Music, DNS-Connected and Bliss Records.I also produced the music of DJ I.C.O.N. and released a lot on Electric Kingdom + Low Spirit. Some things became successful and I quickly realized that all the attention in the media is not really my thing. So I concentrated more on making music again.

I learned a lot from his time through projects with Tyree Cooper, Wayne da Skippa from Bodycount N.Y., H. Faltermayer, Westbam, Georg Kranz and many others …I gained more and more a high quality and technical routine in the production and from 2008 I only continued as a composer for other artists.From 2009 I started making more minimalistic music as Sven Brede and published a lot on Highgrade Records, Traum Schallplatten, Force Trax, and others.From 2015 the club life was too hectic for me and I fell into the classic composition with all instrument groups of the Orchster. Sometimes I feel like it and then I produce electronic music again. But that’s just a hobby.

For me, classical composition is such a large field of musical discoveries and possibilities that I will certainly spend some time in this area.

What are you up to currently?

What may come next …? I let myself be surprised. What I am currently very interested in is Singer + Songwriter Themes with orchestral influences in Club Style.

How can you help other OTGS users?

Basically, I could help with arrangements or questions about compositions in general.

How can others help you?

Vocals of all kinds, preferably in the classic songwriting format – verse, bridge, refrain, etc.

What are you goals for 2020?

In 2020 I hope to find a publisher so that I don’t have to worry about who I should send which track to.

DJ Toxic Twin

Check out all his tracks and DJ-mixes and support him with your feedback / rating!

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